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Q&A with San Ramon Real Estate Broker - Mike Continillo

San Ramon Real Estate Broker – Mike Continillo

Mike Continillo is a San Ramon Real Estate Broker and co-owner of Villa Properties. To provide a better perspective of the San Ramon and the San Ramon Real Estate market, we asked Mike a few questions:

Why did you decide to open up a location in San Ramon?

"I was born and raised in The San Ramon Valley, so I know what a great place this is to live. I moved away for a few years, but have returned back with my family, and I am very happy to be back home. Living in a good strong supportive community is something that is very important to my wife and me, which is why we chose to move to San Ramon. Having grown up here, I know this is a great place to raise a family. I know this area well, so it was the obvious choice to open our location here."

What do you know about the market in San Ramon?

"The market in San Ramon is strong. We have a very highly sought-after school district. San Ramon Valley Unified is a “destination district” meaning that families move here for the schools and stay for the quality of life. It has a solid community of families who care about the quality of their homes and neighborhoods. There are many business and employment opportunities here in San Ramon, which create a strong economic base, and in turn, help to keep the housing market very stable and strong. I recently completed the year-long Leadership San Ramon Valley program where I gained a deep understanding of our community, government, schools, and much more."

What do you like most about San Ramon?

"I like that I can go to the grocery store and have friendly conversations with complete strangers. It feels totally comfortable and everyone is friendly. San Ramon is centrally located to everything, it has great parks and biking and hiking trails, lots of community activities and you just get the sense that everyone that lives here cares about where they live and they genuinely like living here. The residents are always working towards making this a better place for everyone. San Ramon also has a very strong local government. Our elected officials and city employees work very hard to make sure that San Ramon stays strong and continues to be a great place for all its residents to live."

What is your confidence level in the San Ramon real estate market?

"I am 100% confident in the real estate market here in San Ramon. I purchased my first home here in 2005, and when the market began to decline I knew that our market would hold strong for a long time. While we did see significant price decreases in homes we were not hit as hard as some other markets. Over the past year and a half, the market has rebounded and we are almost back to where we were before the decline."

Is there anything unique about your service or experience that stands out from other agents or brokers in the San Ramon Market?

"Having grown up in this area I know what this place is all about. I know the neighborhoods, I know the people, and I understand the culture. We are an independent real estate company based in San Ramon. We specialize in helping our clients purchase and sell residential real estate. Exceptional service is our top priority. Our core values revolve around honesty, integrity, and accountability. We do our best every day to make sure that each one of our transactions goes smoothly, and is as stress-free as possible. In every relationship communication is key. We work very hard to make sure all of our clients are informed of the process, prepared for the next step, and made aware of any new developments as they occur. We know that this is one of the biggest most important events of people's lives and we take that very seriously. My goal is to provide the best possible service to my clients while maintaining the highest level of honesty and integrity. I care about what I do, and I care about my clients. I know that trust is one of the biggest issues for people when buying or selling their homes, and I always make sure that all of my clients feel that sense of trust and know that they can count on me to be the best. Knowledge is also very important. Knowing how the business works, how to negotiate, how to find the right property for a specific client, and knowing the neighborhoods, are all critical for a successful transaction. For sellers, it is vital to know what the market will bring when it comes time to sell and how to properly prepare their home to maximize their home's selling price. I am not a high-pressure salesperson. I care about my clients and I treat them as I would want to be treated if I were buying or selling. If you would like to know more about how I conduct my business use the testimonials from our website. If you or anyone you know is interested in buying or selling a home please let us know. A referral is the highest compliment we can receive."

Looking for a San Ramon Real Estate Broker? Villa Properties can help. Email us today or call (925)519-0794 for a free comparative market analysis to help you understand the real value of your current home.



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